Create your first quotation

Quotations are documents sent to prospects to offer an estimated price for a particular set of products or services. The prospects can accept the quotation, in which case the seller will have to issue a sales order, or refuse it.

Business case

For example, My Company sells electronic products and a client John Deo showed interest in buying 3 iPads to facilitate their operations. I would like to send them a quotation for those iPads with a sales price of 320 USD per iPad with a 5% discount.


Install the Sales Management application. In order to be able to issue quotation, you’ll need to install the Sales Management application from the Apps in the Odoo backend.

Sales Management Application

Discounts on sales order line

Allowing discounts on quotations is a common sales practice to improve the chances to convert the prospect into a customer.

In our business case, we want to grant 5% discount to our customer John Deo on the sale price. To enable the feature, go into the Sales application, select Configuration / Settings and, under Pricing section, select it and APPLY to allow manual discounts on order lines.


Create your quotation

To create your first quotation, go to Sales / Quotations and click on CREATE. Then, complete your quotation as follows:

Customer and Products

The basic elements to add to any quotation are the prospects or customer (the person you will send your quotation to) and the products you want to sell.

From the quotation view, choose the prospect from the Customer drop-down list and under Order Lines, click on Add an item and select your product. Do not forget to manually add the number of items under Ordered Quantity and the Discount if applicable.


To apply 5% discount enter 5 in the Discount (%). The discount should be entered between 0 to 100, it computes discount in percentage.

If you don’t have any customer or product created before on your Odoo instance yet, you can create them on the fly directly from your quotations:

  • To add a new customer, click on the Customer drop-down menu and
    click on Create and edit. In this new window, you will be able to record all the customer details, such as the address, website, phone number and person of contact.
  • To add a new product, under Order Line, click on Add an item,
    click on Create and Edit on the drop-down list of Product field. You will be able to record your product information (product type, cost, sale price, invoicing policy, etc.) along with a picture.


To parameter taxes, simply go on the Taxes field of the order line and click on Create and Edit. Fill in the details (for example if you are subject to a 15% taxe on your sales, simply fill in the right amount in percentage) and save.


Terms and conditions

You can select the expiration date of your quotation and add your company’s terms and conditions directly in your quotation (see picture below).

Preview quotation

You can check the quotation before you send to the customer by email, click on the PRINT button (upper left corner). You will see the popup window that ask for company master details such as address, contact, email, VAT number, and report layout you want to set for your company.


Click on the SAVE button to apply the settings, now you are ready to print your first quotation. Click on the PRINT button again, you will get the printable PDF version of your quotation.


Update your company’s details (address, website, logo, etc) can be changed later by clicking on the link Change Document Template under the Settings / General Settings.