Sections on sales orders, sort products in sections with subtotals and page-breaks

Some business who delivers products and services, they need to prepare a quotation that differentiate the products based on Service and Material part. This section will help customer to understand what the total cost of the Material and Service separately.

Business case

Let’s take an example of the trading and service company who wants to send the quotation for Air-condition, related material to install it and Installation service.


Assumed Sales Management application is installed.

Sections on sales orders

Goto Sales / Configuration / Settings and enable Sections on Sales Orders feature that allows to create sections, sort products in sections with subtotals and page-breaks.


Configure the sections

The two sections Service and Material are available by default, you can configure those sections from Sales / Configuration / Report Layout Categories.


There are 4 parameters available which can configure each section, that decided how section will be printed on reports.

  • Name - name of the section to be displayed on the report
  • Add subtotal - if selected, the subtotal will be displayed for
  • Add pagebreak - if selected, once this section print on page, the
    next section will be printed on the next page. Uncheck Add pagebreak in Service section, if you would like to see all the section on single page.
  • Sequence - decided the order of the section to be printed on the

Create a sales order

Create a sales order, select customer and products such as Split Air Conditioner - 1.5T, Copper pipe and Installation Service, beside each product you have to select this product comes into which section.